VPL Photorejuvenation Facial


World renowned and patented Variable Pulsed Light VPL™ technology from Energist Medical Group offers the solution and flexibility to achieve optimal clinical results for skin rejuvenation.


VPL™ treatments leave your skin looking smooth, silky and radiant. The variable pulses of light emitted from the VPL™ effectively treat skin imperfections safely and easily, with none of the discomfort of invasive and/or surgical treatments. Variable pulsed light ensures controlled absorption of light by the target chromophore whilst minimizing heating of the surrounding tissue. Each light pulse consists of a sequence of rapid micro-pulses. The number, duration and frequency of micro pulses can be adapted on the ‘pulse design screen’, to suit each individuals, ensuring optimum treatment results are achieved every time, even on darker skin tones.


How it Works


Sun damage and the effects of ageing can leave your skin looking tired and prematurely aged, resulting in skin imperfections on your face and body. VPL™ uses light energy to target the different structures within the skin to reduce imperfections and improve skin texture and tone.


Collagen is the substance in our bodies that keeps our skin looking youthful and smooth. As we age, our bodies naturally produce less and less collagen, resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The light from VPL™ stimulates cells in the body called fibroblasts to produce more collagen. The new collagen moves outwards to the skin’s surface resulting in a smoother texture, smaller pore size and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.







ENERGIST MEDICAL GROUP 享誉全球并获得专利的可变脉冲光 VPL™️ 技术提供解决方案和灵活性,以实现皮肤再生的最佳临床结果。


VPL™️ 护理让您的肌肤看起来光滑、柔滑和容光焕发。 VPL™️ 发出的可变光脉冲可安全轻松地有效治疗皮肤瑕疵,没有侵入性和/或手术治疗带来的不适。 可变脉冲光确保目标发色团对光的受控吸收,同时最大限度地减少对周围组织的加热。 每个光脉冲由一系列快速微脉冲组成。 微脉冲的数量、持续时间和频率可以在“脉冲设计屏幕”上进行调整,以适合每个人,确保每次都能达到最佳治疗效果,即使是较深的肤色




晒伤和衰老的影响会使您的皮肤看起来疲倦和过早老化,从而导致您的面部和身体皮肤出现瑕疵。 VPL™️使用光能瞄准皮肤内的不同结构,以减少瑕疵并改善皮肤纹理和色调。


胶原蛋白是我们体内让我们的皮肤看起来年轻光滑的物质。 随着年龄的增长,我们的身体自然产生的胶原蛋白越来越少,导致出现细纹和皱纹。


VPL™️发出的光刺激体内称为成纤维细胞的细胞产生更多的胶原蛋白。 新的胶原蛋白向外移动到皮肤表面,使质地更光滑,毛孔更小,细纹和皱纹减少。