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Acne occurs when follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin which tend to have a relatively high number of oil glands. It is important to have deep cleanse regularly as to eliminate dirt and bacteria that can cause irritation and pimples. The range of customised treatments at Sensedebelle such as Anti Acne Facial that protects while eliminating active bacteria and Micro Sponge Facial that treats minor scarring are effective protocols for treating different stages of acne.

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Anti- Acne Facial

Medical Light Facial

Medical Peel Facial

OxyGeneo® Carbon Purifying Facial

Skin Renewal Facial

VPL Photorejuvenation Facial


当毛囊被死皮细胞和皮肤油脂堵塞时,就会出现痤疮,而这些油脂往往具有相对较多的油腺。 定期进行深层清洁很重要,以消除可能引起刺激和粉刺的污垢和细菌。  Sensedebelle 的一系列定制治疗方案,例如在消除活性细菌的同时提供保护的抗痤疮面部护理和治疗轻微疤痕的微海绵面部护理是治疗不同阶段痤疮的有效方案

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OxyGeneo®️ 碳净化脸部护理



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