Micro Sponge Facial


A natural plant treatment descended from 18th century Europe which is also known as Needle Sponge Extract has been commonly used by pharmaceutists across Europe to enhance the body’s intake of nutrients.


Micro Sponge Seaweed Renewal is a complex combines of siliceous and seaweed threads arranged into needle like microscopic crystal formation . These extremely small crystal pins will penetrate into our skin, bringing along with its nourishing particles, that would completely dissolved within 36 hours with the crystal pins when it reaches our lower dermal.



This is a cell renewal accelerating treatment that the Marine Sponges are refined to micro needle between 100-200 microns in length and 10 microns in diameter forming a natural delivery system. They are enriched with variety of precious natural seaweeds, minerals and herbal extracts, which penetrated our thick epithelium to reach into dermis to accelerate blood circulation and boost Epidermal Cell proliferation. This treatment will help remove dead keratinocytes and eventually renew skin to look more healthy, re-densified, lifted, glowing and youthful with even complexion.



– Minimizing Pores

– Smoothening Wrinkles

– Combating Acnes And Scars

– Enhancing Lifting And Firming

– Reducing Age Sports And Blemishes

– Improving Skin Complexion

– Increase Skin Elasticity

– Lighten Pigmentation



 一种源自 18 世纪欧洲的天然植物疗法,也被称为针海绵提取物,已被欧洲各地的药剂师普遍使用,以增强人体对营养物质的摄入。


微海绵海藻更新是硅质和海藻线的复杂组合,排列成针状微观晶体形成。 这些极小的水晶针会随着它的滋养颗粒渗透到我们的皮肤中,当水晶针到达我们的下层真皮时,它们会在36小时内完全溶解。



这是一种细胞更新加速治疗,海洋海绵被精炼成长度在 100-200 微米和直径 10 微米之间的微针,形成一个自然输送系统。 它们富含各种珍贵的天然海藻、矿物质和草本提取物,可穿透我们厚厚的上皮到达真皮层,加速血液循环,促进表皮细胞增殖。 这种治疗将有助于去除死去的角质形成细胞,并最终使皮肤焕然一新,使皮肤看起来更健康、重新致密、提升、容光焕发和年轻,肤色均匀。



– 最小化毛孔
– 抚平皱纹
– 对抗痤疮和疤痕
– 增强提升和紧致
– 减龄运动和瑕疵
– 改善皮肤肤色
– 增加皮肤弹性
– 淡化色素沉着