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Sensedebelle delivers modern beauty solutions with passion. Personalised attention and customised treatments through aesthetic grade equipment for clinically proven results. Regain your confidence through Sensedebelle scientific proven technologies and methods for the slender body and radiant skin that you deserved.

All signature facials at Sensedebelle comes along with extraordinary double facial massages; welcome massages that relaxes your tensions before facial treatment and unique set of massage steps that stimulates facial muscles which promotes collagen production to improve skin elasticity to prepare for optimal absorption of nutrients during facial treatments.

Diagnostic skin analysis scan will determine the suitable facial treatments to map out the recommended treatment procedures. We specialized in wet extraction to protect skin natural barrier and calming of sensitive skin with nano soothing technology after extraction.

Sensedebelle adopts DR.BELTER PROFESSIONAL CARE CONCEPT which stands for renowned innovation in professional application, based on natural science with visible results and maximum skin compatibility.DR.BELTER COSMETIC is inspired by the fascinating diversity of nature and constantly transfers this into new active substance formulations, using precious domestic and exotic botanicals.

Age is timeless and so is you. Reclaim your beauty with Sensedebelle today!

What Our Client Say?

Love the pleasant ambience and instant results at Sen'se, therapist are welcoming and professional.

Dropped 2 dress sizes in 1 month with signature slimming. Will be coming back for monthly maintenance for my new figure.

Significant improvement in skin conditions after 3 sessions of Aqua infusion treatment. Highly recommended.

Love the pleasant ambience and instant results at Sen'se, therapist are welcoming and professional.

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    Recognising Sherry Cheong

    Recognising Sherry Cheong (@sensedebelle on Vanitee) as the winner of the Mixed Services Category! Congratulations to Sensedebelle Team for taking the lead to serve with passion and caring hearts.

    Sensedebelle – Slimming, Facial & Hair Removal

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