The neck has been one of the most neglected parts. Contributing factors such as sun damage and ageing often begin from the the neck area resulting in drying or the thinning of skin. With the variety of non-invasive treatments at Sensedebelle, we can aid in reversing the signs of ageing skin and restoring firmer necks.

~ Other Neck Treatments ~

OxyBrightening Neck

OxyFirming Neck


颈部一直是最被忽视的部位之一。 晒伤和老化等因素通常从颈部开始,导致皮肤干燥或变薄。 通过 Sensedebelle 的各种非侵入性治疗,我们可以帮助扭转皮肤老化的迹象并恢复更紧实的颈部。

~ 其他颈部护理服务 ~



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