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The secret of staying young is to live freely and finding the perfect companion to enhance and preserve your personal charm while gracing through the beauty journey together.

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The secret of staying young is to live freely and finding the perfect companion to enhance and preserve your personal charm while gracing through the beauty journey together.

Sensedebelle @ Scotts Road

Sensedebelle is the perfect haven to achieve aesthetic results with pampering hands and caring hearts. Obsession with perfection and overall well being motivates us to constantly upgrade our equipment and skill set without losing the personal touch.

Specialising in body contouring, facials and hair removal with cutting edge technologies, you can enhance and preserve your personal charm @ Sensedebelle. 

Your Beauty is Our Priority. Our customer first policy re-emphasis the importance of delivering results and building trust with you through this wonderful journey to perfection. 

Age is timeless and so are you. Reclaim your beauty with Sensedebelle today!

Our Story


” Women Empowerment: Restoring confidence in every woman”

Sensedebelle • Beautifying people • Empowering lives

Before founding of Sense De Belle, one of the most innovative and premium beauty boutique salon in Singapore. Sherry was a model in her younger days and a beauty queen that took great care of her body and skin. It was like second nature to her.

Finding new beauty and skincare products was her hobby and she loved using lotions, creams and serums in order to have a glowing, healthy and radiant complexion. Let’s fast forward a few years. As many of you already know, your body starts to change after you have children. And that’s exactly what happened to her.

Experience Of Beauty

Recognising Sherry Cheong

Recognising Sherry Cheong (@sensedebelle on Vanitee) as the winner of the Mixed Services Category! Congratulations to Sensedebelle Team for taking the lead to serve with passion and caring hearts.

Sherry’s journey

I am a proud mommy of 2 adorable kids but during my pregnancy I gained over 30kg. It was something I never expected. And after the birth of my second child, I started having problems with adult acne. It was my body’s way of saying that I need to take care of myself more. After years of research, hours of exercise and trips to the various countries to find new ingredients and explore traditional beauty techniques, I decided to share my experience with every hard-working, busy woman out there.

That’s how Sensedebelle was born!

But I couldn’t do it on my own. With passion and determination, I was able to assemble a team of qualified and talented beauty and skincare experts to create the most amazing beauty boutique salon in Singapore. Sensedebelle services are designed in collaboration with dermatologists and beauty experts to ensure their results. By choosing SenseDeBelle, you are in for a unique beauty experience with great customer experience! After all, we are real, hardworking women who want to help you look and feel confident again!

Stay beautiful.


Our Services

Regain your confidence through Sensedebelle scientific proven technologies and methods for the slender body that you deserved. Long term body shaping is achievable through Trilipo deep volumetric heating combined with internal muscle contraction and CRISTAL Cryolipolysis, non-invasive cooling of selected subutaneous adipocytes.

We Are Specialized In Our Signature Services.


Skin Tightening, Pigmentation and more


Body Contouring and more

Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair safely, easily and more


Reversing the signs of ageing skin and more


Reduction of dark eye circles and more


Self love for everlasting youth and more


Body Contouring Technologies


Take control of your body and achieve the aesthetic you desire with non-invasive slimming technologies that give fast, safe, and unmatched results with minimal downtime and side effects.

Before After

If you want to achieve your ideal body shape with safe and non-invasive methods, Sensedebelle is the one option for you.

Through the latest scientific technologies and tradition methodologies, Sensedebelle’s multi-faceted approach is effective, clinically proven results backed by science and effective elimination of toxin through the art of eastern ancient healing with improved peripheral blood circulation.


Sensedebelle Signature Slimming Program mechanically breaks down and bursts fats cells through Cavitation Technology before combining Cristal Medical Cryolipolysis and 3rd Generation radiofrequency to freeze, blast and melt the fat layers respectively, inch loss is evident as drainage of the fat cells and water retention is enhanced through stimulation and strengthening of the body’s lymphatic system.


To take control of your body and achieve the slim shape you desire, contact us at 67349919 today!


Our Awards

Sensedebelle has earned significant industry recognition and acclaim for its groundbreaking technology-based slimming and body contouring programmes that continue to transform lives in ways not possible before.

Tropika Club

Top 10 Slimming Salons in Downtown Singapore 2020/2021/2022

Apac Insider

Best Non Invasion Facial & Slimming Beauty Treatments 2022

Daily Vanity

Best Best Spa & Hair Award 2019/2020
Best Body Treatment Fat Freeze
Winner : Both Reader’s & Editor’s Choice
Best Body Contouring Treatment
Winner : Both Reader’s & Editor’s choice

Beauty Insider

Best Salons & Spa 2018
Editor’s Choice — Best Body Contouring 
Reader’s Choice — Best Pre Wedding Facial

Her World (Singapore) & Simply Her Magazine

Feature interviews in both their print and digital magazines in 2017

Mrs Singapore Worldwide

Mrs Singapore WorldWide 2017/2018

Miss Lumiere International World

Miss Singapore Lumiere International 2018/2019

Vanitee Awards

2016 Overall winner for the category of Mixed Services Amongst 600 artists
Top Artist of Vanitee Awards 2016


Top 15 Salons & Spas in Singapore 2022
Top 20 Salons & Spas in Singapore 2021/2020
2019 Certificate of Excellence
Top-rated Salon & Spa Singapore 2019
Consumer’s Choice
Top 25 Salons & Spas in Singapore 2018

Expat Living (Singapore) Magazine

Feature interviews and recommeded top facial, hair removal and slimming salons in both their print and digital magazines in 2021/2022

Beauty Indider (Singapore)

Best Body Detoxing: Readers’ Choice Award 2023
Best IPL Facial: Bloggers’ Choice Award 2023

Some Great Inspirations

Our Gallery

Client Testimonial

Slowly getting there with a lot of hard work in the gym + a little bit of science 🍑❤️✨ been going to @sensedebelle weekly for the past 2 years to contour and improve the appearance of cellulites (not like there’s anything wrong with it!) on my thighs and 🍑. Been loving the results so far ✨ Love leaving them with a more lifted 🍑 and lesser cellulites week after week

Michelle Tan

As a mother of 2, i have tummy fats issue, i wish to have flat tummy and wear bikini when i visit the beach. I shared with Sense on my concern and they recommended me for their Signature Sculpting Treatment! To my surprise, i can see results for the 1st try!! My tummy is more flat and tighter as before! Honestly i have been to Bottom Slim before hence i didn't expect to have result on the first treatment!! This treatment is definitely 3-in-1, sliming, firming and toning.

Ivy Chin

I came here for the fat freezing session. At first I was reluctant and worry about the process. Afternoon I tried out the process, it was painless and comfortable and I even fell asleep. The staff here was nice and considerate. And they attend to all my needs.

Joey Lim

Love the warm homely feel of this place and the TriLipo Treatment that I took at this place is amazing. I could see instant results and the warm feeling on my tummy area is so comforting and made me feel at ease. I would Definitely recommend all to try if u haven’t done so 🙂

Grace Yang

Recommended by my customer after trial get very good result for my body slimming. Fast and effective body contouring will definitely recommend to get a package . worth the time and money to get the best result 🌷

Keira Heng

Came here for the signature Cristal treatment and loved every moment. Staff were extremely knowledgeable and efficient, gentle and respectful of my personal space. You should definitely come to Sense De Belle


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    Opening Hours

    When We Work

    We take pride in beautifying people especially brides for their special day!

    Monday - Friday



    11:00 - 18:00

    Sunday By Appointment

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