Hair Removal

Never shave again. Be ready to bare your body with VPL permanent hair removal. Unwanted facial and body hair is a problem for many men and women. Hair removal using Variable Pulsed Light (VPL), is the most advanced depilatory technology available. It is a less invasive alternative to electrolysis or laser and has consistently been shown to produce better results.


 永远不要再刮毛发了。 准备好用 VPL 永久脱毛来清除你的毛发。多余的脸部和体毛是许多男性和女性的问题。 使用可变脉冲光 (VPL) 脱毛是目前最先进的脱毛技术。 它是电解或激光的侵入性较小的替代品,并且一直被证明可以产生更好的结果。

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