Divine Micro Needling RF Neck



Sensedebelle DIVINE offers the ultimate solution for resolving droopy eyes or wrinkled neck problems with VoluDerm™ micro-needle RF and Ultrasound technologies. Renewal of both the mid-dermis and epidermis provides effective dermal volumizing and skin firming with no surgery, no pain, no downtime. Skin texture improvement and reduction in wrinkles in minimal sessions even for hard to reach areas.



Result of Divine Micro Needling RF Neck





Sensedebelle DIVINE 使用 VoluDerm™️ 微针射频和超声波技术为解决下垂的眼睛或颈部皱纹问题提供终极解决方案。 中层真皮和表皮的更新提供有效的真皮丰盈和紧致皮肤,无需手术、无疼痛、无停机时间。 即使是难以触及的区域,也可以在最少的时间内改善皮肤纹理并减少皱纹。