About Sen’se de Belle
Ever wondered what precious metals, fine wines, and other luxe ingredients can do for your skin? White Gold, Wine and Caviar facials are just a few of the specialties at Sen’se-de Belle. This is the perfect haven to achieve aesthetic results from hands that pamper with hearts that care for your best.

With perfection and overall well-being as their prime motivation, Sen’se constantly strives to upgrade their equipment and learn new skills, without losing the personal touch. Its service list ranges across hair and skin care, touching upon spa and bridal treatments to give you a holistic approach to feeling good.

Aqua Infusion Facial
In a single, most nourishing and transformative non-surgical procedure using water as a medium to hydrate the skin, this facial can treat up to 7 skin-related problems plaguing women across all age groups.

Deep Exfoliation
Freckle Reduction
Acne Treatment
Wrinkle Improvement
Black Head Removal
Pore Reduction
Skin Whitening






A full-body care center
Sen’se-de Belle is known for its spa and beauty services but it so much more than that. Their services are primarily divided into Sen’se Facial and Sen’se Body.

Some of their most popular services include:
Whitening Facial
Localized Cavitation
Body Detoxification
Body Mask
Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) Treatment for Lips, Underarms, and Jaw Line
Waxing Services
D&D and Bridal Makeup
Signature Slimming Services
Eye Treatment Therapy
Bridal and Air Crew Packages

Sense de Belle Products
Applauded for their visionary skin and body treatments, make-up and styling of hair, Sen’se only uses the most on trend make up products. In fact, they have a whole range of products, broadly classified into Skin care, Body care and Treatment sets. These products have long list of loyal customers who swear by them.

Age is timeless and so are you. So why not celebrate your beauty with Sen’se today! Buy yourself Sen’se- de Belle gift cards, now on Mooments.