After so many days of CNY feasting, I was very lucky that Sen’se by De Belle invited me over to try its Signature Slimming Treatment.

The salon is located at 14 Scotts Road, #02-02 Far East Plaza.  Very convenient for customers.  You can either take public transport via MRT or buses.  If you drive, there is ample parking at Far East Plaza or the nearby shopping centres.

This was the lovely sight that greeted me when I stepped into the salon.

Let’s take a look at the treatment room.  This room contained the slimming machine which would be used on me.  I loved how the room was decorated with the feminine lacy curtains and flowery wall paper.


This is another of their treatment room… bright and cheery.


See… I have grown some ‘meat’ during CNY so just nice… time for a slimming session.


Getting ready for the Signature Slimming Treatment by changing out of my clothes.  The therapist assured me that there is no or minimal pain hence I could rest my mind and heart at ease.


Firstly, the therapist applied this slimming solution onto the areas which I wanted to slim down, namely my love handles and my tummy.


The treatment is safe and non invasive, so customers do not need to worry about any downtime.

The machine works in this way, using a four step method:

First step is Cavitation which means it works to burst the fat cells
Second step is using R.F to burn the fat cells
Third step is using Laser to dissolve the fat cells
Forth step is to use Vacuum to drain and firm the skin




After the treatment, it was time to take a photo with the therapist who patiently explained the steps to me.


The other therapist who was working on that day too.

Let’s take a look at a before and after photo of myself or rather my waist portion.  The top photo was taken before I did the Signature Slimming Treatment and the bottom photo was taken after the treatment.  Can you see the difference?  I was surprised that results could be seen immediately for my case.  The therapist said that I needed to drink more water than usual to allow more fats to be passed out of my body through waste matters.

So amazing!

In order to see even better results, it is recommended to do the Signature Slimming Treatment more than once.

Sen’se by De Belle came up with a package for Post Chinese New Year Slimming Special to help ladies like me slim down after feasting on too much goodies… lol.

My readers will also get 10% discount for services when you quote ‘Elaine Heng’.

Yeah… hurry and call +65 6734 9919 to make enquiries on the services offered, such as slimming treatments, facials, etc and make your appointments now.