In this edition, we get to find out more about Sherry Cheong, owner of  Sen’se De Belle, and an ex-beauty queen who began her journey to find the best beauty approach since 10 years ago to empower women.


How long have you been a beauty therapist and what do you love about it?
Beauty has always been my passion and I have been exploring for the best approach since 1 decade ago where I started my beauty journey as a beauty queen. It is a privilege and joy to share the latest and most appropriate beauty tips with people as a profession, to bring the smile and instill confidence in people by enhancing their natural beauty. Life is all about people, having the opportunity to meet and connect with interesting new people is one of the biggest reasons I love being a beauty artist.


Sen’se De Belle all-white and clean treatment room

What is your speciality and what makes you different to other artist?
The job opportunities as an ex beauty queen allows me to work with the best in the industry which constantly drive innovation and perfection to its finest. I am grateful for the opportunity to appreciate beauty as an art through intensive participation from planning to execution that includes preparing my client’s skin through pampering facials, getting the best technology and machine to enhance body shape to selecting the best colours combinations for make up and dress for the special event. Resources and expertise are in place to ensure my clients satisfaction.



Are there any tips you can offer to encourage other artists to use us wholeheartedly?

Believe in giving your best before expecting any return in any platform. Focus on building referral and rapport through a reliable and trusted app like Vanitee.
What dreams do you have and how do you think Vanitee can help you achieve?
I hope to expand the wellness group that empowers woman, a one stop shop that houses the best in class that ladies could rely on for tips and solutions. Vanitee’s transparency and constant engagement with customer allows a social platform that embraces real customer voices and support real talent which I could build on for an open and honest relationship for mutual trust over time.

Why do you use Vanitee app actively?
Vanitee integrated calendar and instant messaging function saves time and hassle for both customer and myself which I could spend more time to pamper my clients ☺ Thumbs up to the excellent customer service that values beauty artist like us too. It is a people business and Vanitee rocks by injecting human touch to this wonderful app.