Cristal® Medical Fat Freeze


The goal of cryolipolysis is a cristallisation of adipose cells, which should start a self destruction mode because of the cold temperature. The human body gently but permanently removes the crystallized fatty tissue during a few weeks after the treatment, leaving aesthetic and great looking curves.


With CRISTAL Cryolipolysis, non invasive cooling of selected subcutaneous adipocytes ( tissue made up of fat cells ) becomes possible. The goal is to induce lipolysis (apoptosis), which is the decomposition of adipose tissue ( fat cells) leading to the elimination of excessive local fat deposits and cellulite, without damaging any surrounding tissue. Cristal Medical Cryolipolysis is a well established treatment in France and is being studied extensively by leading scientists in dermatology and aesthetic medicine worldwide.








冷冻脂肪分解的目标是使脂肪细胞结晶,由于低温,脂肪细胞应开始自我破坏模式。 在治疗后的几周内,人体会轻轻但永久地去除结晶的脂肪组织,留下美观和美观的曲线。


借助 CRISTAL 冷冻溶脂技术,可以对选定的皮下脂肪细胞(由脂肪细胞组成的组织)进行非侵入性冷却。 目标是诱导脂肪分解(细胞凋亡),即脂肪组织(脂肪细胞)的分解,从而消除过多的局部脂肪沉积物和脂肪团,而不会损害任何周围组织。  Cristal Medical Cryolipolysis 在法国是一种成熟的治疗方法,全球皮肤病学和美容医学领域的领先科学家正在对其进行广泛研究。